Donations for 2023!

We hope this coming year, 2023, will bring you (the desires of your heart to flourish) a refreshed mind, restored relationships, family gatherings, and an increase in income and health.

Here at Mission Chepito, we persevere with patience and love to meet the kids’ needs by providing the necessary tools for learning. We currently use Khan Academy, textbooks and Istation, and the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Morality and education are ways to escape poverty, oppression, and drugs and not turn to worship the dead and satanic rituals or sorcery.

Poverty drags many parents or young adults to flee to the USA to work and provide for their families. Most of them cross the borders illegally, which is being modeled in the kid’s minds, so they grow up thinking that it is okay to pursue the United States dream undocumented. Here at Mission Chepito, we teach the kiddos to have a different mindset! To pursue any dream legally and with dignity!

I want to introduce you to Isabela Gonzales, she is 11 years old. She began first grade in The Learning Center when we first opened in 2017. Now she’s in sixth grade, her last year in the center. This is what she said about the center, “I’m very grateful for La Ecuelita and the people of the United States who have contributed and are continuing to support it; it has helped me with homework and learning about Jesus.”

To move forward with the mission, we need your assistance!

Yearly, we estimate a minimum of $21,102 to cover costs. On behalf of the children in Tayahua Zac Mx, we ask for any contribution you are willing to give or support any other organization that God leads you to. If this is the one you choose, we appreciate it and feel privileged about your choice.

Thank you! Gracias!