Providing food to those that are hungry

Relieving Hunger in the Community

We know that nutrition is an important component for the community. Unfortunately, most of the community cannot afford a nutritious meal and end up scavenging for anything they can find. We distribute food to individuals and families to help relief of hunger that has plagued the community.

"Love One Another"

John 13:34


The Stories

We do it for the people of Tayahua, Mexico. Their stories are the inspiration for our foundation. 

Our past accomplishments are a strong example of what we are capable of doing in the future.

Give a Bible!

Bibles and Books! We are close to the beginning of the school year,  and the children of Tayahua Zacatecas Mexico,  have been been working very hard in the after-school program this summer, in learning the books of the new testament, activities, math, reading....

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Gathering Giving Day!

Our mission, Bringing life through Jesus Christ by giving Love, education, and wellness. Building The Community House!  The Community House will provide several services: - After School program - Bible studies - Feeding the hungry We are in need $4,300 to complete...

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Best News Ever!

Best News Ever!! Honored to share the gospel with the children. For the first time they  have Bibles. I’m definitely seeing joy in each child’s heart. They’re so excited to learn about Jesus. The five stories we learned were: The Lost Sheep Jesus Raises Lazarus from...

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Up coming trip 1-23-19/2-23-19

Mission Chepito trip: 01/23/19 It is an honor to reach the unreachable children in Tayahua, Zac, Mexico, to serve and share the Gospel these up coming months. The goal is for the children to know why Jesus died for us on the cross. I will be asking them why, before we...

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Building Hope and Empowering the Community