The Community Learning House

We are pleased! The Community Learning House is complete. Now I will solely focus on planning and organizing new educational methods for children to continue thriving and growing the organization.

The MC children are going back to school. We try to provide school supplies for them and stock all needed for the learning house for the starting new year; we are very low on all the supplies. We currently have 15 students enrolled and are asking for anything you can give. Our yearly working budget $30,000. Below is a brief breakdown of what that all entails.

Our  Needs based on 20 kids:

  • Textbooks
  • School Supplies Package
  • TCLH maintenance
  • Teachers Salary
  • Utilities
  • Snacks/ Light Dinner
  • Arts/Crafts, Educational Supplies
  • Computer
  • Office supplies
  • Holiday Activities
  • Educational Internet Programs (BrainPOP)
  • Elderly meals for five
  • Christmas gifts and meals
  • Grocery Bags

Most of all we need Prayers.

To deliver Gods truth by displaying his love for each other. 

With a grateful heart, thank you for supporting the work of service and investing in the children’s future education.