Helping Those In Need

Serving the people of a small village in Mexico, Tayahua, Zacatecas – Population: 2,100 / Poverty Rate: 90%.

Improving Quality of Life, One at a Time

Distributing Love, Education, Nutrition & Well Being

Building Hope and Empowering the Community

Our Mission:

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with a mission of bringing life through Jesus Christ by means of Love, Education, Nutrition and Well Being.

We are committed to investing our time, expertise, and resources into helping Tayahua’s despairing Women, Children, and Elderly.

The Mission Chepito Philosophy:
We are actively committed to investing our time, expertise, and resources into helping Tayahua’s despairing Women, Children, and Elderly.

Our Focus


We help provide children with school uniforms, basic school supplies, and supplementary tools for a better learning experience.

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We strive to instill God’s love in every person that comes in contact with the organization – that starts with building relationships.

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We help distribute food to individuals and families to help relieve hunger – as most families simply cannot afford daily meals.

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Well Being

We provide access to doctor visits, emotional & psychological care, hygiene care, and the supply of medicine and medical supplies.

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The Stories

We do it for the people of Tayahua, Mexico. Their stories are the inspiration for our foundation.

Our past accomplishments are a strong example of what we are capable of doing in the future.

Learning House Update

I pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and understanding. But I will persevere with God’s Will and Glory. In mid September 2018, I visited Tayahua to check on the progress of the learning center I'm building. While I was preparing for this trip, I started get a little...

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Jose’s Story

Jose’s wife, Paty, grew up in a poor home and is one of 6 children. Jose and Paty both only attended school until the 5th grade to work and help their families. Paty was forced to work in the field in plowing, yet only seasonal, and when she...

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Chago’s Story

This is Chago, he was born in Tayahua, Zacatecas and was one of many siblings. Due to Tayahua’s extreme poverty and lack of education, Chago was forced to start working at the age of 9 yrs old. His very first job was delivering water to people’s homes in...

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Juana Bautista Murillo’s Story

My most recent missionchepito trip, During one of my recent missions, while doing our regular routine elderly visits, I met a woman by the name of Juana Bautista Murillo - This incredible woman’s heart and life story completely captivated me....

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Our Team


“We feel there’s something we need to be doing to help those in need; we have a passion for it and we are just doing it”

Silvia Belmontes-Pfeifer

Silvia Belmontes-Pfeifer

Servant / Co-Founder

Seth & Sue Brickman

Seth & Sue Brickman


Dwayne Pfeifer

Dwayne Pfeifer


"Love One Another"

John 13:34